The importance of a great website

When someone is searching for answers to a question or problem they have, they go to the web in search of finding the solution they have been looking for, which is where having a great website can make a huge difference in connecting with your audience. One of the biggest issues I see with many websites is how dated they look, with poor quality images, no mobile template for easy navigation on a smart phone, and a news section that was last updated months or years ago. Even though the company the website represents is on the cutting edge in their industry, it is clear that their website has not seen any attention in a very long time, which gives website visitors a terrible impression of the company, potentially leading them to a competitor. Below is some information about some of the websites I have done and how they have served their owners.  


KLW WEbsite

My first project for Knoxville Locomotive Works (KLW) was creating a new website for them. Their previous website was setup by someone else on wordpress and for weeks it had the "under construction" phrase throughout the website with no end in sight. In a month I created a new website for them which helped generate millions of dollars in locomotive sales and also put KLW at the top of the search results list for nearly every key word that their audience was searching under. 

Three Rivers Rambler Website

With the opening of their new Depot at University Commons, the Three Rivers Rambler wanted to update their website to include more information about their equipment, the trips they offer, and make ticket ordering and processing an easier process. To date, this has been the largest website I have worked on and with an online store and ticket ordering available on the site it is also one of the most difficult. Luckily, the hard work paid off and the website received a ton of positive feedback from customers as well as the Three Rivers Rambler staff, who found the new website much easier to use and update compared to the old one. The website sees well over 100,000 page views per year and has significantly helped the Three Rivers Rambler increase their bottom line over the past few years. 

Happy Little Paintings Website

Happy Little Paintings is the website for Mickey Cline, who is a certified Bob Ross Instructor. After retiring from Comcast, Mickey decided to start her own business, sharing her passion for Bob Ross paintings by teaching others how to paint like him. Mickey's website is where people go to view her upcoming classes, register for them, and pay for their registration on the website. This has helped Mickey to build her brand and take payments for the classes in advance of them happening, which helps her to buy the necessary supplies for each class. Her website also features a collection of her paintings, which she plans to sell off her website in the future. 

Additional Websites 

In addition to the websites listed above, I have also done websites for Gulf & Ohio Railways, Mount Harmony Baptist Church, Trentville United Methodist Church, the Southern Appalachian Railway Museum, American Compressor Engineering, and more!