Communicating Through Print and Digital Publications

Although we live in a time where the primary means of communication is shifting from various text-based publications to videos, websites, and pictures, there is still a need for detailed publications such as manuals, catalogs, books, and similar media. Below is a sample of some of the publications I have done in the past. These publications typically required the use of adobe inDesign for the overall assembly of the publication, with additional use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for making certain illustrations, diagrams, or schematics that were included in the publication. 

RP KLW SE15B Operators Manuals Cover.jpg


Now I don't know about you, but I love a good manual. Have you ever purchased something that wasn't so easy to use and the manual let you down with poor illustrations, not enough text, or tons of text that was microscopic in size? A great manual not only makes your customer happy by informing them of how to work something and maintain it, but it can also help those selling your product to help their customers and learn more about the product they are selling, and best of all a great manual also helps the manufacturer by looking professional and communicating with their audience that they care about the experience they have. 

For Knoxville Locomotive Works, I was responsible for the manuals (Operator's, Maintenance, and Parts) that were provided with every locomotive that was built. These manuals were complex as they detailed every aspect of the locomotive, from how to operate it to how to maintain it over a period of several years. Because a locomotive is made up of many sub-systems (electrical, air, cooling, fuel, oil, etc.) it took intense coordination between departments to ensure that all of the content that needed to be in the manual was included and done so accurately. 

Employee Guidebooks

Just about every company you will ever work for has an employee guidebook, but you may be surprised just how many of them pay little attention to how it is designed or printed, which could be very costly for the company. If the book is not designed well, the employees may not read all or even much of it, which could result in injuries to the employee, damage to company property, or worse. Additionally, if the book is not designed well it could be very costly to print, be difficult to print consistently over time, and require more labor hours than needed to get printed. 

For Knoxville Locomotive Works, I took their old handbook and gave it a fresh look. The content became easier to read, everything was organized into chapters, sections, and sub-sections, the chapters now had tabbed dividers for easy navigation, and there was even a table of contents that wasn't there before! Best of all, by setting up the document for a professional print shop, we were able to cut printing costs in half while getting an end product that was much more professional in appearance than the old book. 

Brochures and Flyers

For more public communications, I have also designed brochures and flyers that go into detail about a product or product feature. These brochures range in size from a double-sided 8.5x11 piece of paper that is tri-folded to multiple double-sided 11x17 pages that are folded in the middle and then bound together to form a larger multi-page brochure. I have also designed simple one-page flyers that were used as direct mail pieces to advertise a product or invite people to visit our booth at a trade show. When I started at Knoxville Locomotive Works in 2013, none of this material had been designed, so by designing these brochures and flyers we now had printed and digital pieces that we could use to communicate with others. 

Click here to download a brochure that I designed for KLW.