Professional Digital Photography 

In the age of the internet, communicating with images seems to be more and more common. With millions of devices equipped with cameras, it is easier than ever to take a photo and share it with others. However, although small cameras such as the ones in our phones have made huge gains over the past few years, they still have limitations that professional digital cameras can over come, such as the ability to shoot in very dark conditions or use auxiliary lighting equipment to really make the subject of the image pop. Additionally, with programs like photoshop, we can make images that would otherwise be impossible or very costly to produce. 

Photo Editing

In addition to taking photos, I also have a lot of experience editing images, enhancing exposure, removing blemishes, removing backgrounds, and more. Editing images can help make a great image even better. 

View My Favorite Photos

Want to see some of my favorite images? From cars to animals, I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of images since beginning with digital photography in 2014. Click on an image below to view that collection!