Carrera Track Builder for Adobe Photoshop

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The Carrera Track Builder for Adobe Photoshop is an easy way to create virtually any track you can imagine for Carrera Digital 124 and 132 products. With over 350 different pieces of track, including the new R1 hairpin curve and multi-lane start/finish pieces, it is possible to make different track layouts using the newest offerings from Carrera. 

Download the Track Builder Photoshop File Here (13MB)

Track Builder Tips

The Carrera Track Builder is a large adobe photoshop file containing over 350 different pieces of track. To make it as easy as possible, every track piece is modeled with no borders, inside borders, outside borders, both borders, and curves are available as complete circles so almost any track combination possible has been created and can be easily dragged/drop into a blank document.

Suggested ways to create a track: 

  1. Open the Track Builder Photoshop file. 
  2. Create a blank document to drag track pieces into (note: 1" equals one piece of straight track or 13.58" in the real world).
  3. Click and drag the pieces of track you want to use from the Track Builder Photoshop file into the blank document.
  4. Align pieces as needed to make the track complete.
  5. Add a background color of your choice.
  6. Add your own touches with custom buildings, scenery, anything you can imagine.
  7. Save your finished track in the desired format and share with the world!


Here are some examples of the tracks you can make using the builder and a blank photoshop document: